Australian, transwoman, ace/pan. Writing, drawing, gardening, blacksmithing, I do all kinds of stuff! @cjadewyton is my wife!


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Female Mage

Just a doodle based on a friend's character design description! A concept for a female mage! I might post the male mage design if i ever draw him

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Taking art requests!

I need some practise, so I'll try to draw pretty much anything you as of me!

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Still open for requests!!

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broke alignment chart: good/neutral/evil + lawful/neutral/chaotic

woke alignment chart: bastard/dumbass/thot + cursed/tired/horny

Janine the Gardener

An art request from @tiddywife!

Will digitise later!

Taking art requests!

I need some practise, so I'll try to draw pretty much anything you as of me!

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When your mermaid gf loses the tail

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witch tiem babey

Me and @cjadewyton are making a business together! It's a studio that focuses on creating content on commission for creators who don't have access to animation, art etc!

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gain some ass my dudes

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Meanwhile in Australia

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Anyway coming up on 21 hours awake so bed time

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avengers assemble except it's just british waterfall users locating thell and hunting him down with a comforting beverage and a blanket embroidered with 'go the fuck to sleep'

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Late to the party, but I really love the k/da girls♥

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Immune cell which kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists in major breakthrough

A new type of immune cell which kills most cancers has been discovered by accident by British scientists, in a finding which could herald a major breakthrough in treatment.


Close to being authorised for use - The team says human trials on terminally ill patients could begin as early as November if the new treatment passes further laboratory safety testing.

Cheap and swift - ‘universal’ T-cell medicine, mitigating against the tremendous costs associated with the identification, generation and manufacture of personalised T-cells.

Hits the common cancers - immune cells equipped with the new receptor were shown to kill lung, skin, blood, colon, breast, bone, prostate, ovarian, kidney and cervical cancer.

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This elf turned out surprisingly happy! He’s my main character in Elder Scrolls Online: Elming Butternut

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lumine, during the college years

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Mawile day

Here's another reupload.

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20th November 2019

i did attempt a background for this but it looked bad so

transparent it is

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Eevee (+ redraw)

Another reupload!

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Ampharos day!

Almost done with reuploading...

I'm going to start doing a doodle a day!

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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory 10/23/2019

[adventures with @archfey]

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If you can't make your own universe, store brought is fine

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A doodle of two Appletun 🍎🐉

Do not repost, use, trace, or edit. Do not use this art for RP.

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