Australian, transwoman, ace/pan. Writing, drawing, gardening, blacksmithing, I do all kinds of stuff! @cjadewyton is my wife!


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Kansas City Zoo

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Abernach glanced at the people lining the walls, barely managing to catch herself when she tripped on someone’s bag. ‘What— Lauren? What’s co-ed mean?’

‘See those stinky boys?’ Lauren put a hand on Abernach’s shoulder, and pointed to the tail-hopper who’s bag she’d tripped on. ‘Co-ed means we have to share with them.’

‘Stinky?’ the man gasped, though he was obviously as humoured as the vijak beside him that started cackling. ‘I’m not stinky!’

Abernach sniffed the air, and had to disagree. ‘Yes, you are. You smell like mud and sweat— And curry.’

A chorus of laughs echoed through the halls as the tail-hopper lifted an arm and sniffed himself.

‘Oh, yeah, you’re right,’ he chuckled. ‘I guess I’m just used to it. Maybe I should shower.’

‘Maybe you should,’ Abernach replied. Then he held out a hand. ‘I’m Abernach.’

‘Patience,’ the tail-hopper responded, then kicked his friend. ‘And this is Josef. Abernach is a weird name for a tail-hopper. What oracle gave you that one?’



‘What oracle?’

‘You know?’


‘You don’t know the oracles?’


‘Oh,’ Patience rubbed the back of his neck and glanced Josef, before looking back to Abernach. ‘Well, that’s unusual.’

‘Is it?’




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Glow stick

Another version of that drawing of Ai, but this one is to show his markings, cause he glows in the dark.

Ai belongs to me

(Reblogs are appreciated/Don’t repost art without permission/Don't trace my art/Please don't take my art and claim it as your own)

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you could consider this a redraw of this piece over here if you like

i'm so so so SO hype for ff7r yous don't even KNOW ok

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a tiny bit late for tdov but that's alright

cloud and aeris are both trans cus i said so

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realized i’ve never drawn him before…

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Who is the man in the corner?

Katara Colour Palette Challenge

Katara using Peri Sky for @masterfuldoodler c:

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outfit doodles

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sometimes He

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i may in fact be drawing a moth plague doctor

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- has a microscope in their medical bag

- the feelers are to catch particulate and study it later

- every good doctor has a pokey stick and this one as a weird caterpillar esque skull and spine design on the handle

- the mouth parts open up to refresh medicinal herbs without exposing the face

- ngl i feel like i couldve made the eyes larger


Friend of mine gave me the best outfit ever!

I hate it when the seasons change because I have seasonal depression and it sucks yo.

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If a single tooth is called a tooth then when we refer to them in the plural we really ought to be calling them threef

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why tho

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tooth = two-th

plural is more than one

more than two is three



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goose... greef

about right

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Trying some new stuff! Might make her a character idk yet

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Nidoran♀ Colour Palette Challenge

I was feeling rough from seasonal depression/winter blues and drew Nidoran to match my mood ^^;

Everyone go read the second draft prologue and first chapter if my book, Flickers of the Heart!

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I have a copy of ACNL but do not have a 3DS


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Just to look at the pretty cover art

Wanna know an embarassing fact about myself?

When I was about 18 I was still super into my little pony and I followed a bunch of artists who also drew porn. I wanted to support these artists so I bought one of their porn books.

Five years later, I still have this book and have no idea what to do with i tg because I really don't want it.


I'm having fun in animal crossing

So, if youse all remember the cerfuffle I had with the mice last year? Well, just yesterday we managed to get the babies back all grown up!
There was a bit of fighting to establish dominance but they're all calm now and sleeping together in a pile.
These two new boys are called Patches and Twitch!

Thanks for your comments, guys! It means a lot.

I'm on the fence about ditching this friend completely or not because we used to be pretty close, but yeah.

A supposed "friend" of mine told me that I have no valid opinion on woman's rights because I don't have a uterus.

Then demanded I apologise for having the opinion that transwomen have it tough because they can't give birth despite many I know, including myself, wishing they could.