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What is UP waterfall?? I've been so bisy this past few weeks. What'd I miss?

So I had a talk with (I can't really call him my boyfriend) and it turns out he didn't see us as partners but just real close and affectionate. So it turns out I don't really have a boyfriend anymore, but then again I didn't in the first place since he never saw us as partners.

So, yeah. That's been going on with me.

I hate it when the seasons change because I have seasonal depression and it sucks yo.

Wanna know an embarassing fact about myself?

When I was about 18 I was still super into my little pony and I followed a bunch of artists who also drew porn. I wanted to support these artists so I bought one of their porn books.

Five years later, I still have this book and have no idea what to do with i tg because I really don't want it.


Thanks for your comments, guys! It means a lot.

I'm on the fence about ditching this friend completely or not because we used to be pretty close, but yeah.

There are two things I want more than anything right now and that's gender reassignment surgery and a baritone saxophone. And both are expensive as all hell.

Found a polyamorous romantic comedy series on netflix and it's GOOD even if it is uncomfortably horny

Hey wait, hold up you!

I've got something to tell you...

You a big gay haha have a good day you big gay

They decided the corner without the nesting box is where they'll call home

My hips are getting bigger, I can tell because of a pair if pants I used to be able to fit in really well can't fit past my hips or butt anymore.

I need someone to grab my hips from behind me to get a good feel and judge for themselves. Wink.

Pumpkin patch completed!! Seeds planted, we've got butternut and sugar pumpkins growing! So eventually we'll have some big beautiful pumpkins!

Guess who's becoming the proud mama hen to these little guys come sunday?

Building a big ol' pumpkin patch!

Whoever took my seal skin; please give it back, I want to return to the ocean

I finally got a name for my wollemi pine after consulting my boyfriend and wife!

Everyone say hello to Jimothy Wollace!

I'm going to build an aviary and adopt some pigeons!!

Happy Lunar New Year!! Gong xi fa cai, wishing you luck and fortune this year!

I'm so happy, Stranded is slowly coming all together and I can't wait to share it with youse when it's done!!

I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful little Wollemi pine!

These guys are living fossils who were thought extinct for 64 million years until they were discovered just 40km away from Sydney!

There is less than 100 of these guys left in the wild, so I'm doing my part to help conserve them!

Find out more at

Taking art requests!

I need some practise, so I'll try to draw pretty much anything you as of me!

Me and @cjadewyton are making a business together! It's a studio that focuses on creating content on commission for creators who don't have access to animation, art etc!

Meanwhile in Australia

I'm going to start doing a doodle a day!

I want to make friends with people, on here, on twitters, wherever!

But that involves, y'know, messaging first and I'm terrible at that. So, if you'd like to have a chat and get to know me, please hit me up!

My discord is Mrs curripuff #5357 and my twitter is